Galaxy S3 – Continued Problems







  • Get’s really warm, uncomfortably so in the pocket.  This heat is not battery related, it is located in the area by the home button.  When this happens, battery life takes a nose dive.
  • “No SIM” messages.
  • Locks up intermittently.

Spent a fair amount of time on the phone with Verizon technical support (over the course of a couple calls), they determined what I already knew:  there’s something wrong with the phone.  A replacement was sent out and of course I had issues activating it.

Once past those hurdles, the phone is running well without issue for a week now.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

UPDATE 10NOV12:  Two weeks ago I activated the replacement phone that Verizon sent out.  Since then I have not once had any of the issues I had been experiencing.

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