Wilton Shop King Vise Restoration – Completed

The paint had all week to dry, I expected the gloss to fade a bit over the week.  It did not, and still looks wet.  Not the exact look I was going for, but it’ll be fine.  removing the painter’s tape shows just how good that 3M blue tape is; no bleeding along the tape lines.

Time for assembly, and the first thing will be attaching the jaw inserts.  On the Shop King the inserts are screw on (I think that is something that Wilton does with all their vises).  The problem with this particular model is that the insert is not supported on the bottom; the only support is from the the two screws that secure it to the jaw face.  That explains why the old screws look like this:

Wilton_Shopking_Screw Wilton_Shopking_Jaws (1)_New

The entire screw has shifted down indicating that this vise has had a hard life!  Back to the assembly… when attaching the inserts, four BHSS (button head socket screws), 1/4-20 x 1/2″ were used.  The heads just fit in the insert.

Wilton_Shopking_Jaws (3) Wilton_Shopking_Jaws (2)

Continuing was a simple reversal of the dis-assembly process.  The one thing I added was some Loc-Tite 262 for the shoulder screw that attaches the swivel base.  It can be made snug enough to eliminate play and the screw will not try to work itself out.

Wilton_Shopking_AcmeThreads (1) Wilton_Shopking_AcmeThreads (3) Wilton_Shopking_AcmeThreads (2) 20130907_091134 20130907_091156 20130907_091439 Wilton_Shopking_Complete (2) Wilton_Shopking_Complete (5) Wilton_Shopking_Complete (4) Wilton_Shopking_Complete (3)

Finished!  Not sure if this will see duty in my shop, it might go on the shelf for one of my boys for when they move out.






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