Audi Remote: Replacing the Battery

This is a short procedure detailing the replacement of the battery in a Audi remote.  In this case, it’s for a 2011 Audi A4.  Replacing the battery is quite easy, even though the owner’s manual suggests that the work should be performed at an Audi dealership.  Start by purchasing the replacement battery, a CR2032.  These are commonly found, in this case the item was purchased at RadioShack.

Flip the remote over and depress the silver button.. the same button used to remove the key portion.

With the key removed, locate the release tab.  Press it and pull at the same time.  There is some resistance as there is an o-ring in place (presumably to make it somewhat water and dirt resistant).

AudiRemote_Battery_3 AudiRemote_Battery_4 AudiRemote_Battery_5
Reverse the process to complete…


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