This project was for the birds.

Literally.  My youngest son helped put together a couple bird feeders to replace the 10+ year old, rotting houses in the back.  I started with some really inexpensive cedar, 4′ dog-eared fence boards.  They were purchased at Home Depot for a buck each.  For the two bird houses and the feeder, only 8 boards were used.

These boards are extremely rough, the edges are completely uneven.  Since the feeder is wide, some amount of gluing will be necessary, so all edges had to be made straight.  To do this I simply screwed a straight piece of plywood to each board and ran the plywood edge against the table saw fence.

I then glued a couple panels together and set them aside.  As I stated earlier, the old birdhouses were condemed, so new ones had to be built.

Simple design that my son and I assembled in less than an hour.

And that included the installation time!

Did not take any assembly pics of the houses or the feeder… but here are the bird feeder pics of the final product:




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