Cabin Air Filter Replacement – 2007 Honda Civic Si






Cabin Air Filter Replacement

A straightforward project, as long as the filter can be located.  It’s usually behind the glove box, and with the 2007 Honda Civic Si (4 door sedan) that’s exactly where it is.

Typically, the cabin air filter should be replaced every 12-15k miles (once a year), but more importantly is how often the fan is run.  If the air conditioning and heater are used for the majority of the time spent in the vehicle, it could require a more frequent change.  Failure to replace the filter will affect airflow, stressing the blower motor, not to mention what happens to allergy sufferers.

No tools required, and less than 10 minutes time needed to complete the project.  The only item needed is the replacement filter, and in this case, a Mann MC1008 cabin air filter from Amazon was used.

Begin by lowering the glove box.  All the item will have to be removed from it first, as all that stuff will end up on the floor otherwise.  Squeeze in the sides until the box can be lowered.


With the glove box out of the way, locate the air filter assembly.  It’s directly behind where the box was.  On the left side is a tab, gently press it to the right and pull forward.  The filter assembly should slide easily.

Civic_CabinAirFilterCover Civic_CabinAirFilterRemoval

Now that the filter is removed, take the paper part out of the plastic carrier tray.  Note that the tray has an indicated air flow direction as does the filter. Place the new filter in tray and reverse the removal process.

Civic_CabinAirFilterTray Civic_CabinAirFilterAirFlow

Job complete!

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