Reclaimed or Recylced Wood

Where I work there are daily shipments of bar stock, aluminum, stainless and other types of steel. These come in ten foot lengths and usually in a pine crate. The crate is just four pieces nailed together to form a long rectangle. Here’s some of the wood that I brought home recently:

reclaimed (1)

Some of it is in pretty rough shape, but there is quite a lot that is ok. One side is clean, the other side has dirt and oil on it. I’m hoping that the oil does not penetrate too deeply. We’ll see.

When the bundles of bar stock are removed from the pine crate, they are laid flat across several pieces of oak until delivered to the CNC machines. I managed to snag of several of these as well:

reclaimed (3) reclaimed (2)

The oak is 3-1/4×2-1/2, roughly cut. Some is plain sawn, while some is quarter sawn.

First step will be prep, make sure there are not any bits of metal or other debris embedded in the wood, then a trip through the planer. The only thing I’m not sure of is if this is dry enough to use. Since it is not intended for woodworking, it probably isn’t air or kiln dried. Not sure how to find out without purchasing a moister meter.

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