Central Pneumatic 16 Gauge Air Finish Nailer Review

Manufacturer: Central Pneumatic
Model: 16 Gauge Air Finish Nailer Model 68023
Place of Purchase: Harbor Freight
Cost: $54.99 (Sale Price)


As part of a hardware floor installation, all the base molding was removed.  To replace it all with a pneumatic finish nailer would make the process a lot easier.  A decision made even easier since Harbor Freight had one on sale for 54.99 and with a 20% off coupon, the final price was $43.99.  A no-brainer, right?  Let’s see…


Well, there’s the nailer, some oil and a nearly useless manual.  That’s about it.

CentralPneumatic_FinishNailer_2 CentralPneumatic_FinishNailer_3



After putting in a couple drops of oil and some nails, it was connected to the airline.  The first nails were shot into a couple pieces of cedar as a test.  Of course there were no issues as the cedar is such a soft wood.  Next, a two oak scraps were nailed together, and again no issue at all.  As soon as I started with the base molding, the very first nail, it jammed.

After clearing the jam (by opening the cover plate), I scraped away some of the paint and sanded the area smooth with some emery cloth and the area was lubricated with a small amount of pneumatic tool oil.  It has not jammed since.

CentralPneumatic_FinishNailer_6 CentralPneumatic_FinishNailer_5




As with other Harbor Freight purchases, sometimes there is some tweaking required, this nailer required a small amount of effort to make it a reliable tool.  For the price, it’s worth that effort.


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