Understated Desk

Starting a new project today… and it’s another desk!  This one is for my wife, and it’s somewhat simple in design, but will have some understated lines that will give it character.   The inspiration for this build is this image we found online (the image on the left).


Of course, there are a few changes to this design to suite her tastes.  For starters, the top will not be edge-glued wide boards.  It will be made of narrow strips glued together.  And that’s what I got started on today.  Once glued up, I will use the thickness planer to reduce the size from 1 5/16″ down to 1 1/8″ thick.  Since the planer is for 12″ wide stock max, I will break this down into three assemblies.

The last picture shows the three assemblies laying next to one another.  The last one I finished is not flat, and instead of spending a lot of time trying to figure out a way to get it flat, I will just scrap it and make another one.

A side note, all the wood for the top is recycled wood, as I discussed earlier here.

A measured drawing will be available once I have a handle on some of the design elements.

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