Reclaimed Oak

In 2012 I came across some reclaimed wood that was used for shipping purposes (previous entry here).  The pine was a bust, way too green, knotty and sap filled.  Not to mention all the oil and dirt that covered it.  The oak, on the other hand, was in good shape so it was set aside to dry out.

Three years later it’s time to start milling the wood.  As it dried it became twisted and/or curved, so running it through a planer would not work, it can be cut on the table saw, but only with a special jig:  a carrier board.

MillingOak_1 MillingOak_2

This version is made of MDF, plywood with a couple toggle clamps.  The 3/4″ pieces of plywood stacked under the clamp can be removed for thinner pieces of stock.

After determining which side to remove material from first, clamp the piece in the jig and run it against the fence.  Take the freshly milled face and lay it down on the jog, clamp and run it across the saw.  Now there are two sides that are square to one another and the finishing operations can be performed on the saw and planer.

The wood goes from this:


To this:

MillingOak_4 MillingOak_7 MillingOak_8

Ready for the next project…




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