Understated Desk – More Mortises and Tenons

The assembled blanks that I worked on yesterday are fully dry and ready to be assembled.  First a few tenons have to be drilled in the desk legs and the front and back rails.  This is the same routine as before, just using a 3/4″ forstner bit instead of 1/2″





Once that was completed, the tenons were cut and rounded to fit in the oblong mortises.  Each was test fit and I filed the corners to make sure the fit was secure.

With these assemblies completed, a total of four, I could dry fit the entire desk together.  There is still some tweaking to do, and some sanding, but the time for final assembly is drawing near.

Next week, the final two pieces will be added that will connect the front and rear drawer frames together.

For reference, here is the inspiration for this build, as detailed here.

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