Understated Desk – Drawer Stiles and Rail Components

Temperature is dropping, just in the upper 40’s this morning.  Have to work with the garage door down!  I want to glue up the pieces needed to make the drawer rails and stiles.  As with the previous glue-ups, I am laminating 3 pine boards together for a total thickness of 2″.  The middle board is 3/4″ and the two outside boards are 5/8″.  The RAS (radial arm saw) was used to cut the boards to length in conjunction with a stop block to increase the repeatability of the cuts.  I also clamped a scrap piece on the table to hold the cutoff in place, otherwise the blade would lift it up and mangle the wood.

With all the blanks cut out, it was time to assemble.  These assemblies need to be glued and nailed while held steady, and the easiest and most accurate way to do this is with a right angle jig.  This one is made from 80/20 extruded aluminum scraps that I had in the shop.  Glue and few brads were used to assemble and then placed in a clamp to dry.

With the glue dry, it’s time for a test fit, and the result were more than adequate.  The nails will be concealed on the inside of the carcase and will not be visible.

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