Understated Desk – Legs

Today work continued with the legs:  the goal is to have the legs completed and the frame started.  This is made a bit easier with an updated (but incomplete) drawing that is being updated just ahead of work completed.  The preliminary drawing is available here.

The glue-ups from last week were cut down into 30″ long sections which made it easier to run through the surface planer.  Once all four sides were planed down to 2″ square, the taper jig was used to add a slight taper to the inward facing side of the legs.  Pictures of that process were not taken, but the resulting tapered legs are shown below.

Tapered legs made of pine.

With the legs planed and tapered, it’s time to add some mortises.  The newly restored Walker-Turner and drill press table are put through the paces on this project!  A 1/2″ forstnew bit was used for the mortises, with a lot of clamping to keep the leg secure.

Once the drilling operations were complete, time to make the tenons at the table saw.  Only problem is that the old Craftsman decided to fail at that exact moment.  Motor buzzing, circuit breaker tripping.  Not too likely that I will put any money into this saw.



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