Porter Cable Table Saw

Since the Craftsman table saw gave up the ghost yesterday, I decided to replace instead of repair (which is somewhat unusual for me).  There are enough other shortcomings with that saw that throwing money at it just does not make sense.  I purchased the Craftsman back in 1993 and it as served me well for all these years, but it was always intended to be a stepping stone towards a proper cabinet saw.  But a cabinet saw is still not in the cards for the foreseeable future, and I need a new machine, so I purchased the Porter Cable PCB270TS from Lowes.

My son and I assembled it in under two hours and have done a few test cuts.  More to follow as I put it through its paces.

Update:  Spent part of the morning adjusting things to work with the new saw.  For example, the workplace bench was at the exactly level of the Craftsman, and had to be adjusted to the height of the PC.  Of course that became a project.

Now it’s level with the bench, so I have an outfield table ready to go.  Next up:  testing some cuts.  The fence and miter gauge used with a piece of oak, and without making any adjustments, it is spot on.  Better than the old saw (which I was always tweaking).  So far, so good.  More to follow…

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