Ikea Tertial Work Lamp Modification

There can never be too much light in a workshop, and the workbench is no exception to that rule.  Part of the work area light is provided by an inexpensive Ikea Tertial work lamp.  Good lamp, quite sturdy and can accommodate a large CFL bulb (in this case, a 100w equivalent).  The only complaint is the base.  It’s cheap plastic construction allows for twisting and the mounting hole is starting to elongate.  In the junk pile are a few table clamp bases intended for use with a Monoprice LCD monitor stand.  As evidence in the picture below, there is quite a difference in construction between the two mounts.

IkeaDeskLamp_1 IkeaDeskLamp_2 IkeaDeskLamp_3
The only obstacle in using the monitor mount clamp with the lamp is the size of the hole.  It’s about 1″ in diameter, whereas the lamp requires a hole about .5″ in diameter.  The fix:  have a piece of aluminum machined to act as a filler.  The aluminum slug is an exact fit, and a 1/2″ hole was drill in the middle (sort of).

IkeaDeskLamp_4  IkeaDeskLamp_5
When inserted it is a tight fit, but there is free range of movement for the lampe to swivel.

There’s a slug for each of the bases, so the next lamp to receive the upgrade is the recently purchased magnifying lamp.  Although that base is metal, and pretty strong, this is still a major upgrade and the clamping width is much wider.



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