Apple iPhone Earbud and Lightning USB Cable Repair

Not sure why, but the cat really enjoy chewing on the cords in our house.  A particular favorite are headphone cables, USB cables and laptop power supply cords.

I’ve already shown a headphone repair here, so I will not go into too much detail on that, but the Lightning USB cable is a first.

Started the project by removing the section that was chewed up… in this case it was about 2″.

Apple_Lightning_USB (4)

Next, carefully remove about 1″ of insulation on both pieces.  Also, add a small piece of heat shrink tubing to each side, this will give the larger, final tubing something to grab on to and act as a strain relief.

Apple_Lightning_USB (3)

Strip back the individual wire insulation, tin each wire and solder them together.  Be sure to insulate each solder connection with some small heat shrink tubing.

Apple_Lightning_USB (2)

To complete the project, slide the large piece of tubing over all the connections.  No one will be fooled into thinking its a new cable, but it is electrically sound and a solid repair.

Apple_Lightning_USB (1)

The ear buds are a similar process, but the wires are much smaller.  A magnifier was used for the soldering process.

Apple_iPhone_Earbuds (2) Apple_iPhone_Earbuds (1)

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