Amplifier Project – Part 6

This is the sixth part in the Amplifier Project series.  This covers the entire process of building an audio amplifier based on the information located at Red Free Circuit Designs.  The previous installments of this project are located here:

Amplifier Project
Amplifier Project – Part 2
Amplifier Project – Part 3
Amplifier Project – Part 4
Amplifier Project – Part 5

The power transformer arrived (along with the headphone amp kits, more on that later), so it was finally time to complete that part of the circuit and mount it all in the aluminum case.  Wire terminals were used for the connections on the power switch and transformer with heat shrink tubing as protection.

Amp_PS_Install_04 Amp_PS_Install_05 Amp_PS_Install_06 Amp_PS_Install_01 Amp_PS_Install_02 Amp_PS_Install_03 Amp_PS_Install_08 Amp_PS_Install_09 Amp_PS_Install_10 Amp_PS_Install_07


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