Bird Feeder Again

Last fall I made a feed and a couple bird houses with my son.  The feeder was not a great design, and so when it was blown over a couple times last winter and spring, I wasn’t too upset.  This time around the design is more vertical than horizontal and has a clear front and back to see the food level.

The whole project was constructed of materials that were on hand.  Some cedar from the feeder last year, and a glued up panel from a previous project.  Instead of plexiglass, I used some 5/16″ Lexan that was laying around.  With all the materials together, and a measured drawing, it was time to get to work.

BirdFeeder (10) BirdFeeder (11)

This is a very simple, straightforward project that was completed in under an hour.  The only complicated thing is routing a dado for the Lexan to fit in.  After cutting the sides, the Lexan was used to mark where the router bit would go.  A straightedge was clamped down and the router run along it.

BirdFeeder (9) BirdFeeder (8) BirdFeeder (7)

The lid is just sitting on top, using an lift rod from a bathroom sink as a hold down.

BirdFeeder (4) BirdFeeder (5) BirdFeeder (6)

The project was assembled with some zinc plated screws and Gorilla glue (because it’s water proof).  Be sure to wear protective gloves when working with that glue, it takes about a week to come off the skin.

So that the little scavengers have somewhere to stand while they eat, some 7/8″ dowel (former rake handle) was glued in on either side.

Attached to a pipe and a cast iron flange, it stands on an umbrella stand.  Some paint and that’s another feeder completed.

BirdFeeder (1) BirdFeeder (2) BirdFeeder (3)








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