Clamp Rack – Part 2: F Style Bar Clamps

This completes the project started here.

The difference between this rack and the pipe clamp rack is the top, the back remains the same.  Initially I designed the slot depth 3 7/8″, but since the table saw blade height is less, the executive decision was made to simply use the depth the blade could provide, which was about 3/8″ short of the mark.  The two outside cuts were made first, followed by a third clean-up cut.

ClampRack_BarClamps (8) ClampRack_BarClamps (9)

A total of four were made, so two were clamped together and cut at the same time.  When that operation was finished, all the necessary parts to assemble were ready.

ClampRack_BarClamps (6) ClampRack_BarClamps (7)

The assembly process is exactly like the pipe clamp rack… glue and screws.

ClampRack_BarClamps (5) ClampRack_BarClamps (4) ClampRack_BarClamps (3)

Here’s a couple pics with the clamps in place.  And the cabinet door still opens fully.

ClampRack_BarClamps (2) ClampRack_BarClamps (1)

The measured drawing for this project is located here:  ClampRack


UPDATE 05OCT13:  Here is the rack, painted black to match the theme in the garage:

ClampRack_Prep ClampRack_Finished (1) ClampRack_Finished (4) ClampRack_Finished (3) ClampRack_Finished (2)

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