Review: Magic Sound Box by Sunpak

Manufacturer: Sunpak
Model: Magic Sound Box
Place of Purchase: Woot!
Cost: $4.99

The reason this was purchased is simply for the gimmick of “sound induction technology”.  Of course the cheap price was also a motivating factor.  I have to say that the sound quality is better than expected, and it gets fairly loud.

Well worth the $5 paid (plus $5 for shipping).  It sells for $11 on Amazon, so if you have Prime, it works out to about the same.

As a side note, it works great with the cell’s speaker phone.

Sunpak_MagicSoundBox_3 Sunpak_MagicSoundBox_5 Sunpak_MagicSoundBox_6 Sunpak_MagicSoundBox_7 Sunpak_MagicSoundBox_2

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