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Over the past 4 years, I have been slowly upgrading the workspace in the garage.  The goal is to have a space that is efficient to work in; efficiency equals productivity.  When getting to tools and hardware is a pain, then the project becomes a pain.  The key to this is organization and today I took another step towards getting fully organized.

I had built some OSB cabinets years ago, right after we moved into our house.  The storage is great, especially for tools and larger items.  Not so great for smaller things and parts organizers.  Additionally, I have a variety of different size and styles of containers.  I have three that I favor though, and use them to store drywall screws, electrical components and pocket hole screws.  Purchased at Home Depot, they have served me well for over 10 years. I’ve decided to standardize on that style and eliminate all other organizers.


It was a problem to stack them in the cabinets for a few reasons, first is that no matter what case I needed, it was always at the bottom or at least in the middle.  And because these are meant to be securely stacked, they do not slide apart.  they must be “de-stacked” to get the one needed.  There has to be a better way.

Using a couple salvaged raised panel bi-fold doors, I created a shelf under the cabinets running the entire length.  This will allow for the storage of 9 containers.

Garage Parts Case Shelf Garage Parts Case Shelf Garage Parts Case Shelf

Painted black to match the existing paint scheme, it looks as if it was always there.  Off to Home Depot to purchase a few more organizers.. and found a Husky version for a couple bucks cheaper than the Stanley, and it has metal latches.  The web shows the price at $19.99, but I paid $14.99 at the store (not on sale or clearance).

Husky Parts Case

Now to combine hardware, and get rid of the junk I don’t need!

(Sorry for the poor picture quality, my Samsung Galaxy S3 is really inconsistent with the image quality)


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