Smartphone Tripod Adapter

I really did not think I would still be working in the garage in November, but when it’s 67 degrees out, I have to take advantage.

I made three of these adapters, one for my Galaxy S3, and two for my son’s iPhones. Since these phones have replaced traditional cameras and camcorders, this kind of adapter makes a lot of sense. Especially with my shaky hands.

As you can see, the design is extremely simple, but the phone is securely held in place. And no, the dowel does not get in the way, that was a concern, but really all that matters is the shutter button is exposed.

The materials used for this project are some scrap birch and a 3/4″ birch dowel.  The wood scraps were from an old table and it’s really quite hard.

For the construction, the only difference between the iPhone and Galaxy is the width of the dado and the length of the down.

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