Oneida Dust Deputy Review

Manufacturer: Oneida Air Systems
Model: Dust Deputy Deluxe Cyclone Separator Kit
Cost: $80 (on sale at Menards)

In theory, the Dust Deputy Deluxe Cyclone Separator Kit includes everything needed to connect a shop vacuum.  Of course it all depends on the vacuum, and the one in this example is a 16 year old Rigid.  To make the connections work, a few extra items are required.

  • Rubber reducing coupling
  • PVC coupler
  • A bit of cotton rope
  • Electrical tape

The large end of the rubber coupler happens to fit perfectly in the Rigid shop vac after removing the hose clamp.  The small end connects securely to the elbow supplied with the kit.

Cyclone_10 Cyclone_12







Because the small end of the elbow is used in this way, the larger end has to be mated with the hose from the kit.  To accomplish this a 2″ PVC coupler will make the connection with a couple adjustments.  The hose almost fits snug in the adapter, but to fill the small gap, a bit of rope and electrical tape are required.  The elbow fit after some electrical tape was used to build it up.


Another rubber reducing coupler was used to attach the hose to the cyclone.

Cyclone_13 Cyclone_11







So that completes the connections, it is airtight and works great.  After some initial testing, almost all debris was captured in the cyclone with just a small amount making it into the shop vac, a huge success.  This will save on filters and allows for the suction rate to remain constant.

The only remaining issue is how to move this around without it breaking, there is a lot of strain on the cyclone where the shop vac hose connects.  A small add on cart would address the mobility issue and add support for the hose.

A platform created of 1/2″ plywood was attached to the vac using more 2″ PVC couplers, they happen to fit in the accessory storage spots above the casters.  The following series of pictures shows the assembly process:










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