Desk Lamp Base Modification

An additional desk lamp was added to the workbench, this one was purchased at Meijer and is similar to the existing IKEA Tertial already in use.  And like the Ikea version, the base is cheap plastic and is not really suited for the task; and like the IKEA version a custom base was put together with some parts lying around.

The base is assembled from a discarded HP monitor arm mount, a block of aluminum, 1/4-20 flat head screws and a large washer.

The aluminum block was scratched up, dirty and had permanent marker on it… an easy way to clean it up and give it some character is to use a wire wheel in the drill press.  It’s actually better to perform this step after the holes are drilled and tapped.







Three holes were marked (using the HP monitor plate), drilled and tapped.













Next, the pieces were assembled….







…. and mounted to the bench.  A large washer made of Corian is placed between the lamp and the base to prevent wear, and allows for smooth movement of the lamp.


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