Toolbox Upgrades

I purchased a Workmate Dropleaf (#79-021) at a flea market three years ago, I thought it was pretty cool, but did not have an immediate need for it. Until now…

Since I no longer have a large bench to work on (which is why I made the collapsible bench, details here), I’m always thinking of ways to work more efficiently. To that end, I decided to mount the above mentioned workmate to the side of my mobile toolbox.

Purchased some “diamond plate” laminated particle board at Menards and wrapped it with some scrap maple I had in the scrap pile.

There are holes on the side of this toolbox to mount other accessories (drawers, etc), which work perfect for what I am doing here. Pre-drilled all the necessary holes, countersunk where needed.

Next, I clamped a piece of pine to the workmate so I could make sure it was even with the top of the bench, and marked where the mounting holes would be located.

The top drawer was removed so a mounting plate could be inserted to provide additional strength for the Craftsman vise.

The system was put to the test when a base utilizing the left-over “diamond plate” was needed for the recently purchased Ryobi 7″ sliding compound miter saw.

It was a success.

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