Review: Lepai LP-2020A+ 20W Amplifier

Manufacturer: Lepai
Model: LP-2020A+ 20W Amplifier
Web: Parts Express
Place of Purchase: Parts Express
Cost: $17.00

Garage Sound
Last winter’s project was to be a small, somewhat powerful amplifier for use in the garage.  It didn’t go so well, and ultimately it ended in defeat.  I received a flier from Parts Expess, inside was the Lepai amp.  At $17, it was too good to pass up… it would have been nice to have found this prior to the previous amp building efforts!

Lepai_LP2020A_Amplifier_1 Lepai_LP2020A_Amplifier_3 Lepai_LP2020A_Amplifier_2
It has the usual controls; tone, balance and volume.  The volume knob has blue LED’s for back lighting.  There’s also a tone bypass switch.  The rear has two input options, 3.5mm and RCA.  Output is the typical spring clips, and lastly there is a power connector for 12VDC input.  This model is without a power supply.

Lepai_LP2020A_Amplifier_4 Lepai_LP2020A_Amplifier_6 Lepai_LP2020A_Amplifier_5
The PCB and components appear to be high quality, the board itself is actually nicely laid out with a mix of through-hole and surface-mount components.  Surprisingly well constructed, especially for this price point.

The amp utilizes the Tripath Technologies TA2020-020 20W stereo amplifier on a chip (datasheet).

Sound quality is very acceptable, this is not a high end amp, so some hiss and distortion is to be expected.  Sound output is through four 5×9 automotive speakers (removed from an old 2002 Explorer).  The key to loudness, and bass response, is a good power supply; in this case, a RadioShack 13.8vdc, 3.0a supply is providing the juice.

In this application, this amplifier is a perfect choice, it works and sounds great and the price make this an exceptional deal.


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