Book Binding Project

Began this project with an RTF file opened in Word and printed booklet style, duplex-ed.  Printed on 24lbs paper with a card stock front and back (inner) cover.  Using a paper cuter, all sheets were cut in half and stacked making sure that the pages were kept in order.

BookBinding_01 BookBinding_02 BookBinding_03
To clamp the booklet for glueing, a couple small pieces of plywood were used.  Packing tape placed on the edges will prevent the glue from sticking.

BookBinding_04 BookBinding_05 BookBinding_06
Aleene’s tacky glue was something on hand from previous book repair work, so it was used in this project as well.  It dries clear with some flexibility.  A small brush was used to spread the glue and work it into the edge.  Additional clamps were added and the whole thing was left to dry over-night.

BookBinding_07 BookBinding_08
With the glue dried, the plywood and clamps were removed.  The packing tape worked as expected, the booklet pulled away without issue.  The glue might be enough for short term use, but for added strength, a string binding will be added.  Holes were laid out and drilled using a 1/16″ drill bit on the drill press.

BookBinding_10 BookBinding_11 BookBinding_12
Cooking string was using for the binding, it was something on hand and is made of cotton.  Safe for cooking should be safe for book binding!  About have was unraveled, it would be too thick otherwise.  The end was cut off straight, and some glue was worked into it and let dry.  This formed a “needle” that could be easily thread through the holes.

BookBinding_13 BookBinding_14 BookBinding_16 BookBinding_18
Not sure what style this threading is, it was improvised with aesthetics and strength in mind.  The same glue was used again, with a brush, and covered the edge, string and around the sides up to the holes.  Again, it was allowed to dry overnight.

The final step (for this part of the project) is to add fabric to protect the edge and string.  Necessary?  Not sure, but it looks like right.  The next step will be making a hard cover.





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