Garage Sale Find

My wife is a member of the Facebook group that’s a online garage sale for our community (just about all towns have one, check it out). Last weekend she found three tools and asked if I was interested. A Makita thickness planer, Delta benchtop jointer and a Ryobi detail biscuit jointer. After some negotiations, I purchased all three for $100.

Now the jointer and planer were used by a finish carpenter that is going through hard times, both have seen some hard use. But both work great, and since I did not have a jointer previously, I’m ahead of the game. The Makita will replace my Ryobi planer, as I can no longer find knives for it. Not sure how much I will use the biscuit jointer, since it uses very small biscuits.

Also included were two sets of replacement knives for each machine!

Finally, a good use for Facebook!

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