Cabin Air Filter Replacement – 2008 Honda Element






A simple project that should be completed once a year, depending on the enviroment you drive in.  A flat-blade screwdriver and replacement filters are all that’s required to complete this project.  Purchased the replacement filter at Amazon.

Removing the Glovebox

Begin by removing the glovebox, there are two stops that must be removed.  Use a flat-blade screwdriver and gently pop each one out.

Element_Glovebox Element_GloveboxStop Element_Glovebox_StopRemoved

With the glovebox out of the way, remove the filter cover and remove the two filters.   The first filter just pulls straight out.  The second must first slide the left, then pull forward to remove.

Element_CabinFilterCover Element_CabinFilterRemoval Element_CabinFilter

With the filter assemblies removed, remove the old filter and install the new filters, paying attention to the air flow arrows.

Element_CabinAirFilter_Old Element_TYC_800001P2 20130810_124641 Element_CabinAirFilter_Tray Element_CabinAirFilter_Airflow

Reverse the removal process to complete the project.



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