Audio Switchbox – Completed






The switch box project is finished, at least one of the three.  A couple of notes, first of which is that I was going to use a heavier gauge wire from a discarded computer power supply, but it was too stiff to move around inside the case (worried that it would fatigue and break the contact points).  And really with the low voltage/current that is going through the wires, it was overkill anyway.  I switched to ribbon cable.  Much easier to work with and each jack has a different color set associated with it.

Also, the knob I was going to use originally just didn’t look right, so I ordered a few “heavy duty indicating” aluminum knurled knobs from McMaster-Carr.  They actually have a pretty good selection.

Power supply wires Back Panel - Back side with wired jack Switch mounted Ribbon Cable Switch with wires soldered Wiring completed


The case received three coats of polyurethane, with a light sanding between coats.

Boxes and poly


The final product:

Switchbox Finished - Back Switchbox Finished - Front


A fun project to work on, and this case could lend itself to any electronic project.  I’m thinking of making a larger version for a mini-itx motherboard.

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