Miniature Dresser – Completed

Here are the previous parts of this project:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The case and drawers have been fully assembled using glue, and only a few nailed for the drawer bottoms.   With completed, it was time to attach the walnut base and top.  Again, glue only, no mechanical fasteners.  But a lot of clamps were used… a lot.  Luckily I picked up a few spares during my last trip to Harbor Freight.    Added 4 glue blocks as reinforcement for the base.  Once the bottom was securely attached, repeated the process for the top:  glue and clamps.

MiniatureDresser_Base1 MiniatureDresser_Base2 MiniatureDresser_Base3 MiniatureDresser_Base4 MiniatureDresser_DrawerBottom

The top and bottom sat for a day to let the glue cure.  Next was the final sanding and the first of 3 coats of shellac.  I chose shellac because it’s an old school finish that is often found on antiques and has a unique orangish hue.  A light sanding between coats using a abrasive pads instead of steel wool.

MiniatureDresser_Shellac1 MiniatureDresser_Shellac2 MiniatureDresser_Shellac3

After the shellac was applied, the entire project was brought inside the dry for a week.  The last step was to install the drawer pulls.  These off-the-shelf items from Menards.  Reasonably priced and look great too.  Blue painter’s tape was applied to the drawer front’s so that the pencil marks could more easily be seen.

MiniatureDresser_DrawerHardwar2 MiniatureDresser_DrawerHardware

And the project is complete!

MiniatureDresser_Completed1 MiniatureDresser_Completed2 MiniatureDresser_Completed3 MiniatureDresser_Completed4




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