Bedside Table

This project was entirely of reclaimed wood from the dismantled loft bed project.  All the wood is dimensional pine construction lumber, nominal 2×6.  In all, there were two pieces of 2″x6″x8′ used to create this table.

The table top and shelves were constructed using the “rip and flip” method.  The legs were cut with large mortises to allow for the stretchers to fit in.

The stretchers were assembled first, all corners mitered.  Using a couple scraps of 80/20 set a perfect right angle, the pieces could be clamped in place, glued and nailed with a couple brads.  With the frames assembled, it was just a matter of attaching the four legs, glued and clamped in place.  No mechanical fasteners used.

Since this was reclaimed wood, there were a lot of holes and other defects that had to be addressed.  In most cases, the defects were simply avoided during the cutting.  However there were a few that were unavoidable and in each of those cases epoxy was used to fill in voids, or epoxy and a piece of dowel.

The top and shelves were then cut to size, the shelves required a notch to fit around the legs.  Space was left to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of this fast growth pine.  All three surfaces were attached using counter-sunk screws with dowels glued in place to conceal them.  it was finished off with three coats of Min wax water-based poly.

Here’s a measured drawing of the project:




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