Walker-Turner Drill Press Cart

I recently received a Walker-Turner drill press.  My previous 8” drill press could easily be lifted and placed where I needed it. Not with this one. It weights quite a lot, so I needed a way to move it around without endangering my back.

This project was assembled using one and a quarter sheets of 3/4” BC plywood from Home Depot, pocket hole screws and lots of glue. The casters are are also from Home Depot.

There are four new drawers to fill up (I can have all my drill related items in there, instead of in my Clarke tool box). The cart is 32” deep and the drawers are only 18” deep, so the back of the cart has a door and that space will be used to store the drill press table I will one day build.

It is painted black (case) and gray (drawers) to match the cabinets in my shop.


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