Understated Desk – Top and Legs

Continuing on with the glue ups… and what a lot of glue there is.  I went through one full container and started on a second.  Started the day by replacing the desktop component that warped (as discussed in the previous post).  So, having completed the replacement part, I was able to plane the three desktop components and glue them together.

Next on today’s list is to make the blanks for the desk legs.  I started with a 2×10 by 8′.  After ripping the rounded edges off one side, and running that side against the fence, I ripped a three pieces 2 1/8″ wide.  Then I took one of those and ripped it into 5/8″ slices.’

I then glued the 5/8″ piece to the 1 1/2″ side, making it 2 1/8″ square.  After planing, it will be two inch square.  And that’s it for today!

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