Homemade Tablesaw

My grandfather was a carpenter and home builder, he put together this table that was used for that purpose.  It was handed down to my dad and it’s the tool I used to create my woodworking projects from age 10 until I moved out.  It was built in the 50’s with a Craftsman arbor and motor, oak and hand formed sheet metal for the dustbin.

Homemade_Tablesaw_05 Homemade_Tablesaw_14  Homemade_Tablesaw_09 Homemade_Tablesaw_07

The fence is adjustable using a novel hand-crank to move it towards and away from the blade.  It works pretty good, there are some consistency issues that require checking the accuracy when the fence is run in and out (having to do with how the table top is mounted, not the fence itself)

Homemade_Tablesaw_11 Homemade_Tablesaw_12  Homemade_Tablesaw_04 Homemade_Tablesaw_03 Homemade_Tablesaw_16 Homemade_Tablesaw_17

To control the blade depth, there is another hand crank on the front that lifts the table up.  The table top can be flipped back to have full access to the blade (the top is retrained with a piece of chain).

Homemade_Tablesaw_18 Homemade_Tablesaw_20 Homemade_Tablesaw_10 Homemade_Tablesaw_15 Homemade_Tablesaw_01

This is not a safe saw to use with the belt exposed by the table top, lack of a blade guard and no ground on the plug.  But it was used for hundreds of projects, and despite the dangerous appearance, not on finger was lost to it!

Here’s a walk around video of the saw:




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