Desk Drawers – Completed

Moving along with the drawer project.. It seems to be taking quite a while to complete this one!





With the cases complete, it’s time to move on to the drawer construction.  Rabbets and lots of glue.


With the assembly completed, the drawer hardware is installed.  Using a scratch awl for a drill pilot, the holes were marked.  A piece of tape on the bit is a reminded not to drill too far.


Casters are the next parts to install.


The MDF tops are cut and wrapped with pine.  The corners are mitered.  The tops are then attached to the case using some wood screws and more glue.  A note about attaching the tops:  be careful to use the right screw length!  Also, use a coarse screw thread so it can bite into the relatively soft fiber board.  In the picture below, the middle drawers do not yet have the hardware attached, and are sitting on top of one another.


The drawer fronts are attached, they are pine but made from cut and rotated 2×4’s as talked about here.  Because the drawer fronts attached to the drawers will be 1.5″ thick, the drawer pull hardware will not be long enough.  A counter bore using a forstner bit will do the trick.


All that’s left is sanding and to apply several coats of a water-based polyurethane.


Here’s the drawer installed next to the desk project.


Measured drawings of this project are available here.


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