Earbud Headphone Case

A simple project made of scraps, this box was designed to house and protect earbud headphones when they are in  a backpack.

In this example, hard maple was used but a piece of pine two by material would work as well.  There are no plans for this project, as they are not really required.

The largest forstner bit in the set was used, which happens to be 2 1/8″.  This operation requires a drill press and the wood to be secured to the drill press fence.  This requirement is for both safety and accuracy.

HeadphoneBox_01 HeadphoneBox_02

Once the hole has been drilled out, the top and bottom can be glued on using ordinary wood glue and some clamps.

HeadphoneBox_03 HeadphoneBox_04 HeadphoneBox_05

After the glue has dried, the box was cut in two pieces using the table saw, not in half, but more like 75/25.  A couple 5/16″ holes were placed in opposite corners to accept neodymium magnets (purchased from Harbor Freight).  All four were held in place with some 5 minute epoxy.

HeadphoneBox_06 HeadphoneBox_07 HeadphoneBox_08

Instead of poly, paste wax was used.  It applies easy, buffs out to a low shine and is really smooth.  The color of the wax is natural, so the project did not darken too much.

HeadphoneBox_11 HeadphoneBox_12 HeadphoneBox_10

The magnets are strong enough to keep the lid secure, and it will even pivot on one like a hinge.  Great project that takes just an hour or so to complete (when you factor out the glue dry time).







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