Magnetic Board

There is a cabinet in the shop that has the chargers, audio, tablet and papers.  The papers usually get lost somehow (probably fall out onto the floor and get swept up).  A small bulletin board would be helpful but not practical, unless magnets could be used instead of thumbtacks.

In a previous post, the method of extracting hard drive magnets was shown (with usage examples).  This is another great use for these ultra-strong magnets.  A simple project, it requires a piece of galvanized sheet metal, in this case it was leftover duct work.  It’s the kind that is sold flat, but is then curled up to make a tube.

Cut the metal to the desired size making sure to round off the corners.  A file was used to deburr the edges, although sandpaper could be used as well.

Spray adhesive is used on the sheet metal and the surface it’s to be attached to, in this example the back of a cabinet door.  A small screw is placed in each corner as a precautionary measure.

A quick and easy project that has a lot of usefulness!



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