Desk Drawers – Part 4

A lot of progress today.  With the drawer cabinets fully assembled and glue dried, it’s time to install the drawer slides.  At first I was manually measuring each center line.  I quickly realized how long that would take, and that method had potential to be inconsistent.  I decided to use a mini story pole to address both concerns.


An awl was used to create pilots for the 7/16″ drill bit needed for the drawer slide mounting screws.  I also used a scrap 3/4″ piece of pine to register the drawer slide to the front of the cabinet.


Finally, with all the drawer slides installed, I then cut all the drawer blanks.


The drawers are made of pine that I reclaimed from some shipping crates.  There was a lot of scrap, as this type of wood is of poor quality.  Not sure if free is worth the amount of work required.

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