Review: CRKT Tool

Manufacturer: Columbia River Knife & Tool
Model: CRKT Tool
Place of Purchase: Amazon
Cost: $26.86


I have a Leatherman Skeletool, it’s used on a daily basis, works great and is well made (in the USA).  There are a few issues, when using the pliers, the grips are very uncomfortable and the knife blade is not fantastic and the screw driver is always awkward to use.  I primarily use the knife and screw drivers, the pliers not as much.  So the search began to find a multi-tool that has an emphasis on the screwdriver and knife, with other tools as secondary.

I came across the CRKT offering, the CRKT Tool.  It has one feature that was of interest:  all tools can be opened with one hand.  That would be a great feature to have when up on a ladder working, for example.  Let’s see how the CRKT Tool works as an EDC.  First, here is the promotional video:

How does the Tool Compare?

The CRKT Tool is significantly thicker than the Skeletool, and that is very noticeable in the pocket.  They both weight about the same, the Tool at 5.1 oz, the Skeletool is 5.0 oz.  Given the bulkiness of the Tool, that was a bit of a surprise, perhaps partially explained with the use of plastic on the grip areas.

CRKT_Tool_3 CRKT_Tool_2

To extend the blade there is a thumb stud, frame lock to release.  The frame lock is very stiff, and at times difficult to close with one hand.  Also, on the same side as the thumb stud, there is a release button for one of two screw driver attachments.  Unfortunately, if that button is pressed, the flat blade screwdriver is released into the palm of your hand.  Holding the Tool in the right hand, to extend the Phillips screwdriver the button on the opposite side must be depressed.  Not a huge deal, but not intuitive.

CRKT_Tool_9 CRKT_Tool_8

On the same side are holes for striping wire.  It works, but only if in a pinch.  I would not want to strip a lot of wire with this method as it’s easy to nick the wire.

CRKT_Tool_6 CRKT_Tool_5 CRKT_Tool_4

To extend the saw, it’s best done in the left hand.  Also, at least on the Tool that I have, if it is not extended with some force, it will not lock into position.  The pocket clip interferes with this somewhat.


Speaking of the pocket clip, it’s way too stiff and does not allow the Tool to slide easily into the pocket.

There are additional items that come with this, an extension that allows for standard 1/4″ bits.  On mine the magnet fell out after a couple uses and disappeared on the floor somewhere (I was twenty feet up on a lift at the time).  That renders that feature useless.

Truly an example of “you get what you pay for”, this multi-tool from CRKT is not well made, is klutzy to use and is not practical as an every day carry (EDC).


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