Rosewill USB Hub and Hard Drive Magnets

This quick project builds on a previous idea about using hard drive magnets to attach items to the workbench.  Instead of a light this time, it will be a Rosewill USB hub.  This device already has a couple magnets attached, which I did not realize when I purchased it, and it’s not listed as a feature either.  Presumably this is to allow the USB hub to be attached to a computer case.

Since the riser on the bench is metal, this would be a great feature, if the magnets weren’t so weak.  Any slight pulling on a cable and it falls off.  The fix: hard drive magnets.  Using the same Scotch tape as previously used, two hard drive magnets were taped right over the existing magnets.  Now it holds fast to the bench, no amount of tugging on the attached cables will move it.

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