Amplifier Project – Part 7: Update

This is the seventh part in the Amplifier Project series.  This covers the entire process of building an audio amplifier based on the information located at Red Free Circuit Designs.  The previous installments of this project are located here:

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Finally sat down and completed one channel of the amp… I worked through it slowly, marking the progress with highlighter on the schematic.  The component values were added to the front side of the board… different color ribbon cable was used in various parts of the circuit and noted on the schematic.  All in an effort to make sure I was connecting everything correctly.

Well, that was all in vain.  The power supply was connected and both fuses immediately popped.  Q8 and Q9 got a hot.  Obviously something is wired wrong, but I don’t see it yet… will keep troubleshooting until I figure it out.

UPDATE 07FEB14:  After verifying the wiring to be equal to the schematic, I decided to breadboard the circuit.  It was pretty easy actually, and only took about an hour to complete.  Double checked the wiring, applied a lower voltage to test with, and right away there was smoke.  So I must be wiring stuff wrong still, but I have no idea where or how.  I also double checked the pinouts for Q1-Q9 just to make sure I had those right.  No idea what is going on with this.

So, for now, this is back-burnered.  I will look into another amplifier design, something a little less complicated so I can get a win under my belt.  Look for details on the new project soon.


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