Stacked Dado Jig

A recently completed project, The Miniature Dresser, used several dados.  All dado operations are performed using a Freud stacked dado set, which produces very nice flat bottomed dados.  The only issue is the setup.  Especially when setting up dados for wood that I dimensioned in the thickness planer that might not quite be 1/2″ or 3/4″… using the various shims with the different cutters will do the trick, but setting this up inside the table saw is tedious.

The easy way around this is to configure the stacked dado set outside of the tablesaw using a 5/8″ bolt and a scrap piece of plywood.  Drill a 5/8″ inch hole through the wood, run the bolt through the wood, a couple washers and finally through the dado set.  Put all the blades, cutters and shims in place as needed and measure (I use calipers).  Take the kit off the bolt and place it on the arbor.  As simple as that.

The only thing that needs to change is the nut, it really needs to be a wing-nut.

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