Miniature Dresser – Part 3

Finally back in the shop.  And perfect weather too.  The goal for the project today is to get the drawers designed, blanks cut out and at least some of it glued up.  The drawer will be constructed of 1/2″ birch plywood with a thin birch plywood edge band (about 1/16″ thick).

Stacked Dado Jig

Part of the cutting process will require use of the stacked dado blade, so before I got started on the actual cutting I decided to address a source of aggravation when setting it up.  I purchased a 5/8″ bolt with washers and nuts to simulate the table saw arbor.  Ran through a scrap piece of 3/4″ birch plywood and clamped in my vice, I can now stack the blades, shim them and measure with my calipers.  Much easier to make necessary adjustments outside of the saw.  When done, I just transfer the kit into the tablesaw.  Also handy to temporarily store the stack if the regular blade has to be reinstalled to make other cuts (which inevitably happens).  Simple and makes shop life easier.

DadoJig3 DadoJig2 DadoJig

Drawer Assembly

The drawer pieces were cut and dado’ed on the tablesaw.  When finished, I ripped the birch edging.  I really need to make a thin rip jig.  With the various components cut, it was time for assembly.  Like the dresser itself, these will not have any mechanical fasteners.

MiniatureDresser_DrawerPieces MiniatureDresser_Edging MiniatureDresser_DrawerGlueup3 MiniatureDresser_DrawerGlueup2 MiniatureDresser_DrawerGlueup

Sanded down the dresser and left two the drawers to cure, glued up the base as well.  And that’s it for today….




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