Miniature Dressor – Part 2






The glue dried overnight, took the clamps off to inspect the work.  Looks good, a couple mistakes to sand out, but otherwise I’m happy with the progress so far.  I’ve decided to use some walnut that I’ve been holding on to for at least 15 years, it’s rough-sawn and something I got on trade.

Miniature Dresser - Roughsawn Walnut

To begin with, I ripped on edge straight using a ripping jig that I made with some scraps.  This allows the piece to have one absolutely straight edge that I can run against the fence.

Miniature Dresser - Ripping Jig Miniature Dresser - Ripping Jig

With the walnut cut to size, I then ran the pieces through the thickness planer.

Walnut Shavings Walnut Boards

With top and drawer fronts planed to 1/2″ and the base planed to 5/8″, it was time to start miter cuts.

Miniature Dresser - Walnut Top Miniature Dresser - Walnut Base Miniature Dresser - Walnut Top Miniature Dresser - Walnut Top

The base is started, but I won’t finish it until the case has been sanded so I can make sure it’s a perfect fit.  Also placed the top on, again just a dry fit to verify the proportions are right.  Next was the drawer construction.  Using 1/2″ birch plywood, the various pieces have been cut.

Miniature Dresser - Drawer

That’s it for this weekend.



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