Car Charger

In the center console of my car, there is a power outlet that I can plug in a car charger.  I have typical car charger with a coiled cable that does not allow the phone to lay flat and is way too long.  I’d like to have a shorter, straight cable that will allow the phone to neatly fit in the console.

Car Charger

Again, a fairly typical car charger, with a coiled cable.  The amount of cable that is not coiled happens to be the exact length I needed for this project, but it would be easy enough to use another micro USB cable to complete this.

Car Charger - Disassembled Front View Car Charger - Disassembled Back View

The case was simple to take apart, just using a screw driver and gently inserting into the seam, starting at the back (where the cable comes out), working around as the gap widens.  There’s not much going on inside, a circuit board and a spring for the tip.  Before clipping wires, make a note of where the + and – wires are soldered, in this case they are red and clear.

Car Charger - Shortened Cable Car Charger - Strain Relief and Cable Car Charger - Soldered

I was able to reuse the strain relief as it was just glued on the discard bit of cable.  Slid it on the shorted piece and used some glue to hold it in place.

Car Charger - Strain Relief Car Charger - Soldered Car Charger - Finished

Soldered the wires in the correct locations and used glue to re-assemble the housing.  A bit of tape was used to secure the case while the glue had time to set up.


Here’s the pics in a gallery format:



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